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A Brief Introduction

Resonance (UK) Limited evolved from successful freelance careers in 2002 by award winning Sound designer Andy and his wife Mary Kennedy.

Our business is sound capture, design, supervision and postproduction. It has required investment in state of the art equipment over a number of years retaining some bespoke audio equipment from the outset of the digital age. The compilation of a vast array of digital and analogue sound effects recorded and collated over 30 years from a hundreds of productions and projects.

Resonance(UK) Ltd has a strong commitment to the delivery of high quality original soundtracks for film, television and interactive projects with a finite attention to detail. The search for the perfect combination of audio ingredients combined with a need to be original and unique. This has led to nominations and awards over a wide range of productions.

A new branch to the company’s activities is public speaking, lectures and tutorials. This work has included part-time tutorials at The National film and Television school. Other bookings include lectures on sound design at various educational institutes and recordings of presentations by ‘Autism Oxford’ future multi media project.

We have worked on everything from short films, commercials & television, interactive media through to large scale feature films with over thirty years experience.

Specialisation on complex effects sequences has been a stream of recent work from intricate action sequences, too big budget CGI’s scenes. We can supply a range of pre mixed elements and designed sounds effects, either for 'temp' or 'final' mixes. A full supervised soundtrack facility from recording to mix are also available.







Our Awards


1998 - BAFTA for best sound

The Lakes

1998 - BAFTA Best use of sound at Interactive awards

Ceremony of Innocence

2002 - Primetime EMMY outstanding sound editing

Band of Brothers

2006 - Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

2009 - Primetime EMMY outstanding sound editing

Generation Kill

2011 - Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Game of Thrones

2015 - Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Halo: Nightfall



1988 Nomination BAFTA Television Film Sound

Supersense (series)

2000 - Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

‘James Bond: The World is not Enough’

2001 - Nomination Royal Television Society Award

Sword of Honour

2003 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

2005 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

2008 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

2009 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Generation Kill

2010 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Fantastic Mr Fox

2010 Nomination Golden Reel Award (MPSE)

Harry Potter and The Half blood Prince

2011 Nomination Primetime EMMY

Game of Thrones

2013 Best sound drama strike back (2010)

Strike Back

2015 Nomination Golden Reel (MPSE)


2015 - Bafta Film Award

The Imitation Game